May 14, 2011

Sentap Hati Mak Nak!!

hi, asalamualaikum..ok lets start about working life's been a year now, then aku kene decide either want to stay or not..and I need some advices again..which is so tough coz lot of things to be noted..

aku nak start cite cmne pun xtau dah for now mmg aku still tunggu dan result maybe isnin or rabu ni br leh tau cmne..for current condition aku rase mmg xnk accept aku dah discuss direct ngan actual boss..dia pun mcm kureng ngan latest news and aku pun x berani nak buat decision lagi..kat cni byk sgt game plus kerenah2 yg akan buat aku change my mind lepas kene 'sekolah'..haha

actually aku ade 2 yg aku attach skrg kat ikram then other one yg actual punye la a.k.a paymaster aku KHS..citer kat cni byk2 pun x byk org boleh fhm..aku ni kire outsource staff la utk ikram..kalo big company byk buat gni coz it involves some development and working environment kot..ops plus nk control financial..pasal if profit getting bad they can release mane2 yg attached ni cmtu je..part of undang2 mmg x salah lah kan..i guess..

tapi nk dijadikan cerite aku ni mmg dah kene cop staff yg going for rewards..FOR SURE I'M NOT..okelah mmg lah nk kene defend kan..skrg dah rase panas kan..logik akal pun takde org yg akan puas hati..then after a year than to be extend with same condition i think enough for me..but for professionalism, i will do the best action to make a good deal..even it's good or bad..but you are the boss with some experiment..sometimes good even better for working life nowadays..but most of the time you such a donkey(as a word that u almost using)..

eh eh eh..byk2 pulak taipan ni aku rase..sambung next time la bile mood menjelma..bye for now, wassalam (mampu habiskan gtu je) hahaha..ade kukesa

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