May 30, 2010

almost complete

hye all..after the news just reach out, i tend to believe that most of my friends still blur and blow me to start a new joke..but then i try to back off all that things..and tell them wut i just planned for my future is true..absolutely and that was a though session that i proceed too and dassit..i just go through and prepared for the event as i wish..i hope uols happy to hear then, wait until my next post still bz preparing with the stuffs and so on..also my new job need my 100% commitment too..fuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh..hope for any update to gettin soon..bye, wassalam

p/s : takkan la aku nk diam kalo mende2 baik kan..even bgtau pun ade je yg ckp poyo lah ape lah..tulis mende ni aku da rase takut2..byk sgt yg terconcern..hehe..peace ya'all..

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