Aug 25, 2010

the joyous of our life

Holla uols..assalamualaikum..

1st of all..happy ramadhan kareem to all my muslim frens out there..sorry for the late wishes..even da halfway gone pun kann..nway, may uols get the full ambiance during this barakah month..and yes, take a seat and let me share a bit taipan that should be meaningful in getting to our daily basis..till now, it should be our moments to be taipan about..that me and her gather a joy and present the best to our future taken..

the most exciting during this moment is to be together as a man and husband to my wife..performing solah as i take a position to a leader in all way..thus it comes when we'll be together..recite the quran also one of the best moments i had so far..perhaps, that was a good battle way to be more constant n not just done for the holy month..i hope..

she done a lot of things that i'm never meant before..she impressed me by sending a truly luvely email..she keep on asking me and arguing the things she thought that it's cannot be solved before..u know wut, u are the best among the besties and my soul at's the way to make us be get ready to facing difficulties in our future..everyday and every words that we learn day by day make us so confident..make it less tough to be together..i believe so..that why we should keep on tryin and not to compare to the past..gone is gone..i have you in my life and i will keep it until the end of the path..

hmmmm..tetibe rase janggal ngan tatabahasa..langgang terbalik tertunggeng continue later la..but i still kene publish sebab kang wishes tu x ngam pulak pertengahan ramadhan kan..keep on track a good mosleem..wassalam

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Anonymous said...

i ske baca ni..hak..hak..godek2 ur blog then read all of it..hahaha..even da keje ok..choww