Aug 3, 2010

when money goes..then people start to owe

hi hi ols..and yeah..i keep on my writing about something dat i we go..

oh by the way, may coming ramadhan means something to us..our living and our feeling..dat for i'm most waiting for..ok lets i cont my just mention 2moro..i hate when it become a publicity assets..i hate when u keep on telling ur sibling over and over again..some sort like i care much..yeah, i wonder when u keep mention on deficits, people around thought that all goes to hello, i'm not onto it occay..not sure for wut are you try to backing for!!piss off..

seems like u just want people around been i do rite..shame on you..pity on me like people fuck up with ur words..i really mad for a second sake..may this disturbance gone all by day..i really hope for better you and for better me..i know nobody can't feel this taipan coz it was broken just like a piece of paper wrecked out from a baby mouth..

i know even my taip taipan just like i'm kinda of person who syiok sendiri, like i care lah kannn..huh..and b4 today sketche ends up once's just a make me feel more calm..and those who are felt guilty or sort of it..i'm really like i care is'n it..yeah..i luv my mum to the fullest..the rest gone..even she want me to terjun, i just done it..dats so me..luv u mom at all..wutsoever people are come around..i luv u to the fullest..yeah it was once again..

till meet a better tc and i'm gone for now..yeah bubye and salam to uolzzz..i'm done

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unloquacious lowqie said...
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unloquacious lowqie said...

ko wat time marah ke???
aku mmg xbley nak paham..
pape pn.. chill bro..

Abbad Nawawi said...

Hehe..takdelah tgh marah..takleh tdo je kowt..then ideas come..1 more thing, aku kn complicated..mmg x ptut difahami

unloquacious lowqie said...

complicated... bkn pompuan ke yg slalu complicated???
naseb bek ko da kawen.. kalo x musti aku still kompius dgn gender ko...haha.. kidding..
nothing cannot be solved...
silence is not a solution...(kdang2 la)

Marieyna Deco said...

kuwang3.. aku apatah lagi.. skjp rs mcm nk paham.. kjp x paham balik... huahuahua....